[greenstone-users] search pdf/display tif

From Georg Sedlbauer
DateSat Aug 13 02:25:44 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] search pdf/display tif
We are working on a small digital library (with Greenstone 2.84). The
content are OCRed (dirty OCR with Omnipage) retrodigitized books (as
PDFs and TIFs).
We want that Greenstone searches (full text search) through the PDFs
(resp. the HTML documents) - that?s quite easy - and - that?s the
difficult part - instead of displaying the PDF (resp. HTML document) as
a result, the output should be a TIF or JPEG.
This is, of course, the standard for most digital libraries which are
dealing with retrodigitized content. However, we have no clue how to do
it with Greenstone. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Georg Sedlbauer