[greenstone-users] Re: greenstone error un able to open collection

From Greenstone Team
DateWed Aug 17 19:36:18 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: greenstone error un able to open collection
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Hi Tewelde,

I am not sure what's gone wrong, but it isn't a permissions error, since
that's the error message that appears when GLI can't work out what's
gone wrong.

Try the following:
1.Quit GLI.

2. Use a File Explorer to go into your Greenstone installation folder.
Then go into its "collect" folder.
There find the last collection you created. Move it out of the way (out
of your Greenstone installation).

3. Then try restarting GLI and see if it can start up normally again.


tewelde haile wrote:
> i am using greenstone 2.83 on Linux and i was using for one year but
> when i want to add another collection it couldn't open it i was try to
> solve by making the file permission read and write but still i
> couldn't solve the error please help me here is the screen the error
> i am waiting for your response
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------