[greenstone-users] Re: perl/GLI error

From Greenstone Team
DateFri Aug 19 19:55:10 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: perl/GLI error
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Hi Tel,

I'll be busy with the Greenstone release over the coming period and
won't have much time to check the mailing lists, but have you gone
through the instructions at


to set up your Greenstone server to work as a remote server?

*If* this is already the case, then there's one more thing you can do to
work out where things are going wrong. Open your browser, type in your
Greenstone's gliserver.pl address along with the command that's failing.
The commands that client-GLI sends to gliserver.pl are printed out to
the DOS terminal or X-term, as long as you start client-GLI from a terminal.

I think the URL you want to be visiting for the error you encountered
would be:

In the above URL, remember to replace the <your-server-host>,
<your-server-port>, <username> and <password> values to what's
applicable for you. The username and password are for any account you
created via the Administration pages.

By visiting the URL, it should output the XML that's generated for a
pluginfo request. Is there any error or irregular looking statements in
the XML message returned? You can send us the output produced in the
browser, though it may take us some time to get back to you.

I would however suggest that you use Greenstone 2.84 instead of the 2.83
that you are using at present.


Tel wrote:
> hi folks,
> sorry to press this, but it has been a while since i posted and i'm
> not sure if it reached anyone. we are having an issue which doesn't
> allow us to implement greenstone as our school server.any ideas?
> thanks in advance!
> ----------------
> we managed to install Greenstone 2.83 (perl 5.88) on a local server,
> and we are now trying to use remove greenstone (remote GLI). when we
> access the server we get this error.
> "perl failed: perl -S pluginfo.pl -listall -language "en" -xml 2>&1"
> followed by other perl errors. GLI continues and pops up, but it does
> not allow to create remote collections.
> i have looked online, and at the 'remote greenstone' page, but have
> not found any help. any suggestions?
> thanks!
> tel
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