[greenstone-users] GS3 format feature

From Greenstone Team
DateFri Aug 19 23:41:45 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] GS3 format feature
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Hi Barbara,

I may have misunderstood, but your windows start-up menu, containing
shortcuts to all the programs you've installed on your Windows machine,
including shortcuts to Greenstone applications, will never show you the
full contents of any installation. In particular, it will not show you
the full contents of your Greenstone installation folder.

To see that, you need to open the Windows File Explorer. The shortcut
for that is to hold down the Windows key (which is the key located
between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the left-hand side of your keyboard)
and press the letter "e" at the SAME time. This will open the Windows
File Explorer. Use it to traverse down to where you have installed
Greenstone. Open up your Greenstone installation folder and I suspect
everything should be there, since your shortcuts were installed
correctly by the sounds of it.

To find config_format.xsl now, use the Windows File Explorer that you
have open in your Greenstone installation directory, to traverse to the
following subdirectory:

There should be a file in that folder called config_format.xsl. Open
this in a text file.
Note that the "default" subfolder of interfaces is going to become
deprecated, and the "oran" folder will become the active one (for the
active Greenstone servlet viewed through the browser) in the upcoming
GS3 release.

> I also get Tomcat - like DOS screen, can I put in a command here to
locate these folders?
No, this is not how it works: the Tomcat DOS screen is not for typing

If you want to open a DOS prompt, the shortcut is: hold down the Windows
key and press the letter "r" at the same time.
Windows' Run dialog pops up. In the text field, type "cmd".
This will open up a DOS prompt for you.

Finally, we'll be busy here with the upcoming releases, so we may not
have sufficient time to answer questions in the near future. But we'll
be back thereafter.


Barbara King wrote:
> I also get Tomcat - like DOS screen, can I put in a command here to
> locate these folders?
> On 08/11/11, *Greenstone Team *<greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Did you install the Greenstone 3.04 binary or a version of Greenstone
>> 3 from the http://www.greenstone.org/caveat-emptor page? Did you have
>> any problems during installation which indicated that you're missing
>> folders?
>> The file "config_format.xsl", if it existed in Greenstone version
>> 3.04, will be located in your Greenstone 3 installation's
>> web/interfaces/default/transform folder. Many other XSLT files are
>> thereabouts as well. The folder "default" is one of the skins for GS3
>> and is visible through the gs3library servlet page at
>> http://localhost:8585/greenstone3/gs3library.
>> The upcoming GS3 release will be using the "oran" skin visible
>> through the "dev" servlet page at
>> http://localhost:8585/greenstone3/dev. "oran" is another subfolder in
>> web/interfaces. Its XSLT files are inside its own "transform" folder.
>> Now may not be the ideal time to call us here, since we're very busy
>> with the upcoming Greenstone releases (e-mailing us allows us to find
>> the right time to answer the messages on the mailing list). Once the
>> releases are out, it may be a better time for you to call us here.
>> Regards,
>> Anupama
>> Barbara King wrote:
>> >Okay,
>> >I'll try that tonight.
>> >
>> >BTW: is there a # that I can call you at because when I downloaded
>> GS3, I didn't get all the folders as I did when I downloaded GS2. I
>> want to work with the "config_format.xsl" and other files but how do
>> I get all the folders?
>> >
>> >Thanks again
>> >Barbara
>> >
>> >On 08/10/11, *Greenstone Team * <greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
>> wrote:
>> >>Hi again,
>> >>
>> >>Ignore the email I sent just some hours back: the changes I had
>> made were should not be necessary for Z3950. It appears the Library
>> of Congress response to the Z3950 download request is in a different
>> protocol/format called SRW or SRU. Dr Bainbridge suggests that you
>> use the same details to connect to the Library of Congress server,
>> but fill them out in the "SRW" part of the download pane rather than
>> in the Z3950 part.
>> >>
>> >>Other details that you can try to use in this part of the download
>> pane when trying to connect to the Library of Congress:
>> >>
>> >>Host: http://z3950.loc.gov
>> >>Port: 7090
>> >>Database: voyager
>> >>Find: digital library technologies
>> >>Max Records: 2
>> >>
>> >>The above URL and port were the ones originally used by the Library
>> of Congress for Z3950 and SRW/SRU communication. It still works.
>> >>
>> >>Regards,
>> >>Anupama
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Barbara King wrote:
>> >>>Hi,
>> >>>Yes, I already contacted Larry and got the correct information to
>> input in GS3, but no go. I believe I need to be on the GLI web
>> server, which I am not connected to.
>> >>>
>> >>>Thanks again.
>> >>>Barbara
>> >>>
>> >>>On 08/09/11, *Greenstone Team * <greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
>> wrote:
>> >>>>Hi Barbara,
>> >>>>
>> >>>>I think the max records field in the Z3950 Download panel of your
>> snapshot looks correct, but I believe the other fields you filled in
>> are not. There are specific values for host, port and database that
>> one needs to fill in for each Z3950 server. Since I didn't know what
>> these are for your question either, in the case of the Library of
>> Congress, I resorted to searching for Google on the words: library of
>> congress z39.50 port
>> >>>>Which led to this helpful link:
>> http://www.loc.gov/z3950/lcserver.html
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Since it seems you want to download MARC records, I used the
>> information in the above link to fill in the Z3950 Download fields as
>> follows:
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Host: http://lx2.loc.gov
>> >>>>Port: 210
>> >>>>Database: LCDB_MARC8
>> >>>>Find: digital library technologies
>> >>>>Max Records: 2
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Unfortunately, while the above information is correct, the
>> Library of Congress is now returning information in XML format, which
>> the Greenstone code that retrieves data using the Z3950 protocol did
>> not anticipate. It is therefore broken at present and will not work,
>> despite correctly filling in the fields as above. I am in the process
>> of (hopefully) fixing it.
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention.
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Regards,
>> >>>>Anupama
>> >>>>
>> >>>>
>> >>>>
>> >>>>> I clicked before attaching 'snapshot'. Could you send me a
>> snapshot of your suggestion please?
>> >>>>Your snapshot shows that the maxdocs field has the right value
>> (2) for testing. Are the other settings perhaps what's causing the
>> trouble downloading? Have you confirmed that the Z3950 port of the
>> LoC is indeed called "marc"? Have you tried other Z3950 clients and
>> were they able to download from LoC using the details you filled in
>> into Greenstone's Download pane?
>> >>>>
>> >>>>
>> >>>>
>> >>>>Barbara King wrote:
>> >>>>>Sorry,
>> >>>>>I clicked before attaching 'snapshot'. Could you send me a
>> snapshot of your suggestion please?
>> >>>>>
>> >>>>>That would really help.
>> >>>>>Thanks
>> >>>>>Barbara
>> >>>>>
>> >>>>>
>> >>>>>On 08/03/11, *Greenstone Team *
>> <greenstone_team@cs.waikato.ac.nz> wrote:
>> >>>>>>Hi Barbara,
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>>While I don't have any experience in this, I would try the
>> following out, to see if it accomplishes what you want:
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>>In GLI's Download pane, use Z39.50 as the Download Setting and
>> point its download location to Library of Congress by filling in the
>> fields for Host, Port and Database. Then tick the Max Records field,
>> setting it to something low such as 2. If that worked well enough and
>> you feel ready to take the leap to 100, try it again with a max
>> records size of 100.
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>>Regards,
>> >>>>>>Anupama
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>>Barbara King wrote:
>> >>>>>>>Hi once again Anupama,
>> >>>>>>>Your response below gave me courage not to abandon GS3 and to
>> continue building a DL for my project.
>> >>>>>>>
>> >>>>>>>Question: Is it possible to download 100 bibliographic records
>> from the Library of Congress (LOC) catalogue/Z39.50? If so, I would
>> appreciate it if you could inform me what steps I need to do in order
>> to accomplish this task please.
>> >>>>>>>
>> >>>>>>>Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.
>> >>>>>>>Barbara
>> >>>>>>>
>> >>>>>>
>> >>>>>
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