[greenstone-users] some questions/research issues

From S M Niaz Arifin
DateTue Aug 16 14:27:14 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] some questions/research issues
We are planning to use Greenstone for a worldwide distributed DL project, to
be developed primarily at the University of Notre Dame, IN, USA.
As we played with the software, we came up with several research issues
regarding the capabilities of Greenstone.
If you could please answer the following set of questions, or kindly direct
us to the appropriate links for other resources, that would be really great!

Suggestions on any issue that can be addressed better with a
specific Greenstone version (e.g. Greenstone 2.84 vs Greenstone 3.x) would
also be welcome!

*1. Support for Ontologies: Does the system support the import/use of OWL or
other ontology files?*

We know custom metadata browsing structures can be implemented by writing
Greenstone classifiers. But what we also would like to know is: can we use
pre-written OWL or OBO files like IDOMAL in their standard form? Can we use
them to enhance search retrieval (not just at time of indexing, but, for
example, to retrieve additional sets of documents that match the search
terms via ontology entries)?

*2. DRM (digital rights management)*
Does the system provide a data structure for DRM related information for
ingested (i.e. collected or downloaded contents) files/objects and provide
display of DRM metadata for ingested files/objects? If DRM is supported, is
it item-level DRM, Collection-level DRM, etc.?

*3. User and/or Web authentication*
What authentication, access control, and/or authorization services are
available for the *end-users* (not for librarians, curators or assistants,
which we know can be managed by different roles created by Greenstone)? Can
we use open source software packages for web single sign-on across or within
organizational boundaries, e,g, Shibboleth (http://shibboleth.internet2.edu/)
with Greenstone?

*4. End User Tagging*
Does the system allow end users to tag (attach keywords to repository items)
or can only librarians tag? If we need to add the functionality of end-user
tagging, how can we do so?

*5. End User document submission*
Can end users or authenticated users submit documents to a collection via
simple http (not using the client or Collector)?

*6. Support for digital provenance metadata*
Do the data structure and the UI support digital provenance information? Is
it possible to see who submitted a document to the system, when, how big it
was, what format, original filename, other provenance metadata etc.? If so,

Thanks in advance for considering this!

S. M. Niaz Arifin
Graduate Student
206 Cushing, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA
Research: https://sites.google.com/a/nd.edu/publications
Website: http://smniazarifin.tripod.com
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