[greenstone-users] Building collections from command line: cached images

From Renate Morgenstern
DateWed Aug 10 03:39:27 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Building collections from command line: cached images
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I have composed a script which explodes a CDS/ISIS database, and builds the
collection from the command line.
In the collect.cfg file it states that it should used cached images, which
speeds up the building of the collection, which works when using the GLI.
However, when using the script I does not use the cashed images, so it has
to recreate the images again, which then takes longer. There is a message
that says the images to build from are newer, so it will recreate it. But
this is not true, as it is just rebuilding the whole collection.
Is there a setting in the script where I should include the command to use
the cached images when building.
Another question: How can incremental building be made to work in a database
setup? I have 8200 images, and when I do my weekly rebuild, it has to
recreate everything from scratch.
Thanks for any ideas.

Renate Morgenstern
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