[greenstone-users] Fwd: RV: Set preferences

From Flor
DateThu, 04 Aug 2005 09:03:49 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Fwd: RV: Set preferences

Dear Natalia:

Hi; for modify de number, also you can open de main.cfg in etc greenstone folder
and change this:
# cgiarg shortname=l argdefault=en
## CLACSO: change default language to spanish
cgiarg shortname=l argdefault=es
cgiarg shortname=m argdefault=-1
cgiarg shortname=o argdefault=20 (this number you have to change)
cgiarg shortname=t argdefault=0

in the end of the archive.

But you have to be care full, because for not be more slow de search, is better live number 20 for show de texts in time, if you change to 300 take more time to show the results.

We change like you de pref.dm but we didnīt change the number 20 for the result for page.

I hope help you. Regards

Florencia Vergara Rossi

Thank you Michael for your response about sorting values in a hierarchy

Now, I have another doubt: by default, you can display 50 results, although
the search gets more results. If you modify this in preferences, you can
display more results (100, 200, or more if you modify the options in pref.dm
macro). But I want to set, by default, that you can display 300 results,
without you set preferences (I don't want that users display preferences
option). How can I
do this? Is necessary modify the code? If I have to modify the code, which
is the archive to modify?

Thank you in advance.


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