[greenstone-users] Some questions about pdf files!

From Israel Abraham Flores Cruz
DateTue Nov 27 07:04:33 2007
Subject [greenstone-users] Some questions about pdf files!
Hi, I`m using GSDL v 2.74 in one Ubuntu server , I`m trying to implement one new collection of PDF files, these PDF first are give off with a Program in Java, becouse I have almost 700,000 images with format TIFF , the goal of the programa in java it`s create 7215 new pdf files that contain these images(all),the program was create with a class wich name 's iText(it`s properties are, Producer of PDF:iText 2.0.5 (by lowagie.com),Fast Web View:no, PDF Version 1.4), and it works properly , in fact ,I `ve created these pdf(7215) , but when I use them to make a new collection ,simply GDSL rejects them.

What kind of properties must be the PDF files to GSDL don`t rejects them , and I could create these new collection??? any suggestion????

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