[greenstone-users] Multilingual metadata

From Ica Mosoiu
DateMon Aug 17 18:26:46 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Multilingual metadata
Hello Greenstone users,
Please help me!
I'm new to the mailing list and Greenstone. I am from Romania.

We are testing Greenstone 2.80 to build a collection at Cluj County Library.

We are in the EuropeanaLocal project.

Where we must put the value of the language? It should be
encoded using the 'xml:lang' attribute. How do I switch attribute xml in

For example:
<dc:subject xml:lang="en">seafood</dc:subject>
<dc:subject xml:lang="ro">fructe de mare</dc:subject>

We need to be able to have different language versions of document
metadata. For example, a dc.Title in English, and a dc.Title in Romanian.

Is about of ticket #319 multilingual metadata.

Thank you for help.
Best regards,
Ica Mosoiu

Ica Mosoiu
Head IT office
Cluj County Library

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