[greenstone-users] Re: GS 2.84 on MAC

From Greenstone Team
DateFri Jan 28 13:56:39 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: GS 2.84 on MAC
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Hi Renate,
Thanks that you persisted and tried the next day's one as well.

The error you have is familiar, but I thought we had fixed it! When we
encountered it, the server broke in similar fashion as a direct result
of the changes we had to make to get Word documents converted on the
Mac: both wvWare and the Apache web server that Greenstone uses need a
library called libiconv, but even though they were both finding the same
libiconv library, the libiconv they wanted was specifically not the same
one (being insufficient for the other).

I'll have a look at this now. Thank you for trying this out for us
Renate. Your help and observations are much appreciated.

Renate Morgenstern wrote:
> I reported yesterday that I could not install the download from 26 Jan.
> I downloaded the next day's version and this time the install was ok.
> After increasing the Java size in the gli.sh I can also open large image
> collections.
> However, I can't view the collections,. because the web server does not
> start. See error messages below. The configuraion file looks ok. See log
> files below.
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards
> Renate
> ERROR: [2011-01-27 12:50:34] BaseServer.recordError()
> web-start failed, please check server.log in
> /Applications/greenstone/etc/logs-gsi for details. failed
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:00] RunTarget.run()
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:05] RunTarget.run()
> Target: ./gsicontrol.sh web-start
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:05] RunTarget.run()
> Using:
> INFO : [2011-01-27 12:58:05] RunTarget.run()
> GSDLHOME = /Applications/greenstone