[greenstone-users] Windows user (new to Greenstone) attempting to load scanned images

From Tena Hanson
DateTue, 29 Jun 2004 17:24:08 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Windows user (new to Greenstone) attempting to load scanned images

Good Afternoon:


I am new to Greenstone and wish to create an online local history collection including mostly scanned images with a minimal amount of metadata.  My goal is to make images (mostly local news pages printed from microfilm and then scanned) searchable by subjects or keywords I assign.  Whether these keywords are added in the “enrich” modes or via metadata that is imported with the image makes no difference to me, I just want my images to load.


My system:  Win XP Pro, GS 2.51


I have read the archives and see that others have had similar problems with image loading.  I am not particular about whether or not I have a thumbnail image in addition to the page view.  I have tried resizing my images, I’ve meddled with the plugins, I’ve tried loading images both independently and embedded in web pages.  The only success I’ve had with images was loading an old version of the main page of our website I had saved.  This loaded both digital pictures and scanned images fine without any resizing.  However, when I tried to create another page the same way I had created that old web page, the images included did not load.  I was unable to determine the difference between those images that did load and the rest that have not.  I’ve tried loading them as jpg, pdf, embedded in htm, and nothing has worked.  I am not familiar with code editing, so if anyone has answers that involve this, please know you’re dealing with a beginner.


Can anyone give me a simple walk-through of the settings needed to load scanned images?  I’m uncertain about my plugins now as the more I read the more they contradict.  I’ve tried several combinations, and have even bought the book “how to build a digital library” mentioned on the website.


What I need is the simplest way to make my scanned images viewable and searchable.


Is it best to create web pages and embed the images?

Should I load images separately?

Does it matter if I transfer metadata with the image or assign it in the enrich mode?

What plugins (and plugin options) do I need for this?

What other design mode functions must I customize?


In short, what is the most direct way to accomplish this goal?


My sincere thanks in advance for your help,


Tena Hanson