Fw: [greenstone-users] macros

From Yamila
DateTue, 8 Jun 2004 13:08:47 -0400
Subject Fw: [greenstone-users] macros
Hi Rene,

Thank you for your answer, but I refer to the title that is shown when
access to the content of an article. When I modify the format statement as
you explain, it leaves in bold the listing of titles that is obtained when I
enter to the button "titles a-z", but if you click to one of those titles it
shows you the content of the document and the title of that content I want
it to put in bold.



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> Hi,
> In your collect.cfg there should be a format statement with "[Title]"
> in it. Just change that to "<b>[Title]</b>".
> Rene
> >>> "Yamila" <yamy@infomed.sld.cu> 05-06-2004 21:38:09 >>>
> Hi list,
> Which is the name of the macro and the variable that it allows to
> modify the appearance of the title of an article of my collection?. In
> the image that I attach I show with a red arrow the title that I wanted
> to put in bold.
> Regards
> Yamila
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