[greenstone-users] greenstone questions

From Jia Liu
DateMon, 7 Jun 2004 11:03:54 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] greenstone questions
Hi, All,

I met a strange problem when I build a collection using green stone interface.
What I use is green stone version 2.5 under the linux system(Federo 1).

I used 2 folders in the demo, and put them in my new collection, and build it.
However, it turns out in my new collection, I just can see 1 files(should be 2
files, 1 file for one folder). The other file is missing. I don't know how to
fix it. If anyone can tell me how to fix this problem, I will greatly

Thanks again.


Jia Liu

Ditigal Library
Emory University
Atlanta Ga 30322