Re: [greenstone-devel] Problem with import-generated Source metadata

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 04 Jun 2004 12:30:55 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Problem with import-generated Source metadata
In-Reply-To (000c01c449a1$e64684c0$2800005a-Antigone)
Hi Mike

> Hi. I'm running into a problem because import takes the file name,
> "hrsa_antiretrovirals.ppt"
> for example, and generates the line
> <Metadata name="Source">hrsa&amp;#095;antiretrovirals.ppt</Metadata>
> in the archived file. Buildcol does not like the encoded character so gives
> the "No plugin could process ..." error.
I can use underscores in filenames, and it puts &amp;#095; into Source,
but it doesn't complain. it is an XML parser error? (use -verbosity 4 to
get all the error messages). are you using the XML parser that comes
with greenstone?

> Also, I remember that there was a message explaining how to generate a
> combined indexable field, but I can't find that message so ... I have some
> dc.Title and some ex.Title metadata, and want to be able to search both
> together as Title. Can I generate a combined field somehow, or do I need to
> use mgpp and allfields?
you can use mg: put
'indexes document:dc.Title,Title' into the config file
or in GLI just create an index using both dc.Title and ex.Title
you don't need to use mgpp and allfields.

BTW, you can search old messages at our greenstone archives collection,
accessible from .