Re: [greenstone-users] metadata.xml problem

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 30 Jun 2004 09:58:06 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] metadata.xml problem
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Hi Tom,

What you're doing should work, but unfortunately the GLI as it stands doesn't allow

The problem is that the GLI keeps its own metadata structures for a collection, and
uses these to write out a metadata.xml file when building. This, of course,
overwrites the metadata.xml file that you've "sneaked into" the collection's import

The GLI is a bit smarter in other areas, however. When you drag files into your
collection in the Gather pane, the GLI will look for metadata.xml files at this
point, and automatically assign any relevant metadata. This should be immediately
viewable (and editable) in the Enrich pane.

Therefore, try creating a new collection and dragging the files from your current
collection's import folder (containing your metadata.xml file) into the new
collection. The GLI should recognise that there is metadata assigned to these files
and import it.

The metadata handling in the GLI is a bit weird, and I'm hoping to overhaul it in the
next few weeks to improve matters like this.

All the best,


Tom Farrell wrote:

> Hello all,
> I hope we are missing something simple, and that someone can tell us what
> it is.
> We are attempting to build a collection of PDFs and Word docs through the
> GLI, associating them with DC metadata from a 'metadata.xml' file we created.
> We gathered the files, dropped the metadata.xml file into the Import
> directory, made sure the dc metadata option was included in Enrich, and
> built the collection.
> However, none of the DC metadata is used, onlyGreenstone's extracted
> metadata. The metadata file gets overwritten with this extracted data.
> Here is an example of what we're getting:
> A file from our metadata, before the build -
> <FileSet>
> <Description>
> <Metadata name="dc.Title" mode="override">SquareSoft: What's Behind the
> Hype?</Metadata>
> <Metadata name="dc.Contributor" mode="accumulate">Michelle Chun</Metadata>
> <Metadata name="dc.Subject" mode="accumulate">SquareSoft Square</Metadata>
> </Description>
> <FileName>CHUN.pdf</FileName>
> </FileSet>
> The metadata for this file after the build -
> <FileSet>
> <FileName>CHUN.DOC</FileName>
> <Description>
> <XMetadata name="Language">en</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="Encoding">utf8</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="Source">CHUN.DOC</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="Plugin">WordPlug</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="GENERATOR">wvWare/wvWare version
> 0.7.1</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="Title">Untitled</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="srclink">&lt;a
> href=&quot;/gsdl/collect/gsarch/index/assoc/[archivedir]/doc.doc&quot;&gt;</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="srcicon">View the Microsoft Word document</XMetadata>
> <XMetadata name="/srclink">&lt;/a&gt;</XMetadata>
> </Description>
> </FileSet>
> Thanks for any suggestions -
> Tom
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