Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP document match count and limiting AZlist

From Katherine Don
DateWed, 30 Jun 2004 10:04:26 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] MGPP document match count and limiting AZlist
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Hi Doug

1. mgpp and mg use the same mechanism to display document matches -
_resultline_ is defined in src/rect/queryaction, and this uses
_text1doc_, _textnodocs_, _textlotsdocs_ as appropriate. _resultline_ is
included in the


The requested page could not be found. Please use your browsers 'back' button or the above home button to return to the Greenstone Digital Library. macro for the query page.

2. The paging for search results is done partly by macros, queryaction
and the mgqueryfilter. when a search is done, the start and end indexes
for the search results get sent to hte queryfilter, so that only the
appropriate documents get sent back. queryaction sets up macros
_nextfirst_, _nextlast_, _prevfirst_, _prevlast_, _thisfirst_, and
_thislast_ - these are used in paging the results. (see
define_query_macros() in queryaction.cpp)
in, uses these to determine which arrows to
display, and what document numbers to put on the arrows.

Sorry if you already knew all this.
So I guess you could use the same macro mechanism to set up the arrows
for paged browsing. You would need to decide where to cut down the list
to 20 - in the documentaction? (get the whole list from the server but
only show the 20 you want) or back in the filter (only return the
appropriate 20).

anyway, have a look at how searhcing does it and try to copy it for
browsing. We'd love to have this if you get it going and would like to
send us your code :-)

Katherine Don

Doug Carter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got two configuration questions that I can't sort out:
> 1. How do I display the number of document matches using MGPP? I see
> the use of the _textlotsdocs_ macro, which works OK with MG, but not
> with MGPP. What am I missing?
> 2. I've got a large (~3000) document collection and would like to
> limit the number of documents per page on a AZList, just like the
> search page does. (ie. Matches 21-40, Matches 41-60, etc) Any ideas?
> TIA,
> Doug Carter
> Mercy Corps
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