[greenstone-users] Including of additional files into existing collection(GLI)

From Raitis Brodezhonok
DateSat, 26 Jun 2004 15:17:50 +0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Including of additional files into existing collection(GLI)
Hi, Greenstone experts!

I am using Win98 and GLI 2.5.1.

I have created for test purpose one file collection by GLI.
After that I tried to add one file more into existing collection.
In the Gather pain I just drag-and-drop one file into the Collection pain.
After Enriching by metadate I went to Create pain.
There, in the Import options i switched off the -removeold option and ran
collection. In the Message log window I observed that Import process
always setup -removeold option even if i have switched off it( if it is not
the first building of collection). Does it mean, that GLI is designed to
rebuild collection from 'the scratch' even one additional file is going to
added? Is it possible to add one new file into existing collection without
rebuild all collection from the beginning?

Best regards,

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