[greenstone-users] Re: alerting services for greenstone?

From Eric Lease Morgan
DateTue, 15 Jun 2004 13:21:55 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: alerting services for greenstone?
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>> We currently have Andrea, a Masters student from Germany, working with
>> the Greenstone team here in New Zealand. She is looking to develop an
>> alerting service for Greenstone, and would like your help in designing
>> the service.
>> It would be great if you could spare some time to fill in her
>> questionnaire, at http://an.andaka.org/diplom/gsdl-as/

The Alerting Service is a very interesting idea. So interesting in fact
that in conjunction with a number of other institutions here in the
U.S. I am implementing something very similar as a part of sponsored
National Science Foundation grant called OCKHAM:


The goal of OCKHAM is three-fold:

1. Write a "reference model" describing digital
library services and collections.

2. Articulate a number of "light-weight" protocols
supporting digital library services and collections.

3. Write a number of open source applications
exemplifying the protocols.

I and my fellow PI's have outlined a number of library services we plan
to implement. One of them is an alerting service which I am taking the
lead in developing:


I'm not sure yet, but I think this is how it will work:

1. OAI data repositories will be regularly harvested
and the data will be put into a centralized pile
containing a time-limited amount of data, possibly
three months of stuff. As new stuff is harvested
older stuff will be popped off the stack.

2. MARC records from library catalogs will be regularly
dumped and harvested into the same centralized pile.

3. An interface will be created allowing users to search
the pile of stuff for items of interest.

4. These searches will be saved for future reference,
executed on a regular basis, and results sent to
the users.

Since a guiding principle of OCKHAM is to keep things simple and re-use
existing protocols, I imagine searches applied against the collection
of new items will be in the form of SRU queries -- a type of Web
Service interface:


Thus, I imagine that our Alerting service will take the shape of SRU
URLs with specific guidelines for representing user queries; SRU URL's
will represent user profiles for our Alerting service.

If OCKHAM does its job well and articulates a decent protocol, then it
should be easily integrated into Greenstone and other digital library
servcies/collections without too much trouble.

Eric "Famous Last Words" Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame