Re: [greenstone-users] structures- bookshelfs et al

From Siddharth Nair
DateTue, 17 Aug 2004 10:43:45 +0530 (IST)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] structures- bookshelfs et al
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hi again,
tried reading the document, but yet to figure out how to achieve what i
wanted... am working on an agricultural content repository that is
currently being digitized- being of a nonprogramming/technical background
most of the instructions seem to be complex!
would it be possible for someone to quickly jot down a couple of
stepbystep instructions to achieve the same via the GLI - perhaps one
example of creating a bookshelf with subjects, then creating books,
followed by chapters within, etc- ie structuring the files i've uploaded
to appear as in the demo, instead of appearing as a mere non-hierarchical
this seems to be a recurring problem for novice users.. perhaps it could
be explained in the documentation itself..? saw this in the archive, didnt
find a reply to it though..

thanks again..would really appreciate any help at this stage..


> Hi,
> The demo collection is actually fairly advanced, so don't be disappointed
> if
> it takes you a little while to build a collection like it. The best place
> to
> start is the documented "development library subset" collection at
> The front page of
> this collection (which is the same as the demo collection, only bigger)
> describes in depth how it was created.
> The two key components of the collection are hierarchical metadata (you
> can
> do this in the GLI) and section tagging.
> Good luck!
> Michael
> Siddharth Nair wrote:
>> hi again/
>> sorry for not explaining the problem too well...
>> have just installed greenstone a day or so ago.
>> the demo that comes with the package was exactly what we were trying to
>> do
>> with our collection.
>> unfortunately even after a few attempts, all we can manage to get is
>> just
>> a non-hierarchial list of files..
>> how does one go about creating the
>> 'bookshelfs-books-chapters-files'structure while uploading files in the
>> librarian interface..? the folders created or even metadata entries
>> doesnt
>> seem to affect this...
>> tia/
>> > Hi
>> > You will need to give us a bit more information than this. Please
>> > describe what you want to achieve and then we can advise the best way
>> to
>> > proceed.
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Katherine Don
>> >
>> > Siddharth Nair wrote:
>> >
>> >>hi all/
>> >>please mail me info on how to create bookshelfs et al in the librarian
>> >>interface...
>> >>u r g e n t!!
>> >>
>> >>thanks/
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