Re: [greenstone-users] Bookshelf icon

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 10 Aug 2004 13:11:44 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Bookshelf icon
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Hello Rich,

I'm afraid this is just the way Greenstone works, and there is no option
to change this.

There are actually good implementation reasons why this is the way it
is. Greenstone is essentially stateless -- each page request is
completely independent from all the others. The only way to store state
information (like your search preferences) is to put it in the URL. This
is why you have that horrible long e variable in Greenstone URLs -- it
is keeping state from one request to the next.

This affects browsing classification hierarchies, as you describe. If
you want to expand a given author and keep the others visible,
presumably you want to click another author and have that expand too? To
do this you need to keep state -- you need to remember which nodes are
expanded and which aren't. If you're familiar with C++ and Javascript
you could modify the Greenstone code to do this by storing this
information in the e-variable. However this would be a little fiddly and
make the e-variable even longer than it is now.

In large classification hierarchies it is also more usable (in terms of
the amount of information shown and the scrolling needed) to show just
the parent nodes of the expanded node.

Sorry this isn't the answer you were after!

All the best,


Rich Robinson wrote:

> Hello,
> As our library's currently set up, the user looks at the list of,
> say, authors -- clicks on the bookshelf icon next to the author's
> name to see a listing of titles by that particular person -- at which
> point the rest of the authors disappear until the bookshelf icon is
> clicked again. At which point the titles of that author collapse and
> the user again sees just the list of authors.
> Is it possibly to set it up so that the list can be expanded on a
> given author while keeping the others (unexpanded) visible?
> Regards,
> Rich R.
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