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From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 23 Aug 2004 11:51:08 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] structures- bookshelfs et al
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Using some of the files in the demo collection as examples, here is a quick explanation of where the different bits come from. (You can open the demo collection in the GLI and see most of these things done.)

Each folder (eg. b20cre) inside the demo collection's "import" folder contains one book. There is an HTML file containing the data of the book (b20cre.html), and some image files for the pictures inside the book (b20cre.jpg, b20a.png). There is also a metadata.xml file containing the metadata assigned to the book (this will be created for you by the GLI).

Sections (or chapters) within the book are created by adding some special tags into the book's HTML file. How to do this is described in the "Tagging document files" section in the Greenstone Developer's Guide, section 2.1. The GLI does not help you with this; you have to do it manually. If you look at the b20cre.htm file (for example) in a text editor you will see the Section and Description tags that have been added to indicate the section hierarchy and the section titles.

Creating classifiers with hierarchical browsing structures (bookshelves) is done within the GLI. In the Enrich pane you assign metadata (eg. dls.Subject) using the "|" character to separate parts of the hierarchy. Once you have added some values, the panel at the bottom right of the Enrich pane should show the metadata values organised into a tree. Lastly, you need to add a Hierarchy classifier (in the "Browsing Classifiers" section on the Design pane) based on the metadata element you have assigned values to (dls.Subject). You need to specify the hfile argument to the classifier, which will be "dls.Subject.txt" in this case (the GLI will create this file for you).



Siddharth Nair wrote:

hi again,
tried reading the document, but yet to figure out how to achieve what i
wanted... am working on an agricultural content repository that is
currently being digitized- being of a nonprogramming/technical background
most of the instructions seem to be complex!
would it be possible for someone to quickly jot down a couple of
stepbystep instructions to achieve the same via the GLI - perhaps one
example of creating a bookshelf with subjects, then creating books,
followed by chapters within, etc- ie structuring the files i've uploaded
to appear as in the demo, instead of appearing as a mere non-hierarchical
this seems to be a recurring problem for novice users.. perhaps it could
be explained in the documentation itself..? saw this in the archive, didnt
find a reply to it though..
thanks again..would really appreciate any help at this stage..


> Hi,
> The demo collection is actually fairly advanced, so don't be disappointed
> if
> it takes you a little while to build a collection like it. The best place
> to
> start is the documented "development library subset" collection at
> The front page of
> this collection (which is the same as the demo collection, only bigger)
> describes in depth how it was created.
> The two key components of the collection are hierarchical metadata (you
> can
> do this in the GLI) and section tagging.
> Good luck!
> Michael
> Siddharth Nair wrote:
>> hi again/
>> sorry for not explaining the problem too well...
>> have just installed greenstone a day or so ago.
>> the demo that comes with the package was exactly what we were trying to
>> do
>> with our collection.
>> unfortunately even after a few attempts, all we can manage to get is
>> just
>> a non-hierarchial list of files..
>> how does one go about creating the
>> 'bookshelfs-books-chapters-files'structure while uploading files in the
>> librarian interface..? the folders created or even metadata entries
>> doesnt
>> seem to affect this...
>> tia/
>> > Hi
>> > You will need to give us a bit more information than this. Please
>> > describe what you want to achieve and then we can advise the best way
>> to
>> > proceed.
>> >
>> > Regards,
>> > Katherine Don
>> >
>> > Siddharth Nair wrote:
>> >
>> >>hi all/
>> >>please mail me info on how to create bookshelfs et al in the librarian
>> >>interface...
>> >>u r g e n t!!
>> >>
>> >>thanks/
>> >>
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