[greenstone-users] metadata.xml problem

From Tom Farrell
DateTue, 29 Jun 2004 11:23:50 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] metadata.xml problem
In-Reply-To (200406282349-i5SNndH9018810-leland2-Stanford-EDU)
Hello all,

I hope we are missing something simple, and that someone can tell us what
it is.

We are attempting to build a collection of PDFs and Word docs through the
GLI, associating them with DC metadata from a 'metadata.xml' file we created.

We gathered the files, dropped the metadata.xml file into the Import
directory, made sure the dc metadata option was included in Enrich, and
built the collection.

However, none of the DC metadata is used, onlyGreenstone's extracted
metadata. The metadata file gets overwritten with this extracted data.

Here is an example of what we're getting:

A file from our metadata, before the build -
<Metadata name="dc.Title" mode="override">SquareSoft: What's Behind the
<Metadata name="dc.Contributor" mode="accumulate">Michelle Chun</Metadata>
<Metadata name="dc.Subject" mode="accumulate">SquareSoft Square</Metadata>

The metadata for this file after the build -
<XMetadata name="Language">en</XMetadata>
<XMetadata name="Encoding">utf8</XMetadata>
<XMetadata name="Source">CHUN.DOC</XMetadata>
<XMetadata name="Plugin">WordPlug</XMetadata>
<XMetadata name="GENERATOR">wvWare/wvWare version
<XMetadata name="Title">Untitled</XMetadata>
<XMetadata name="srclink">&lt;a
<XMetadata name="srcicon">View the Microsoft Word document</XMetadata>
<XMetadata name="/srclink">&lt;/a&gt;</XMetadata>

Thanks for any suggestions -