Re: Collection questions

From Stefan Boddie
DateThu, 13 Mar 2003 12:10:33 +1300
Subject Re: Collection questions
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> I have a collection of images with descriptions for each. If I build a
> large collection and notice errors after it has been built can I fix
> those errors without having to edit my metadata.xml file, deleting the
> collection, and creating a new collection with the new metadata.xml
> file?

You certainly don't need to delete the collection (assuming you're building
the collection from the command line and not the collector). Just edit your
metadata.xml and rerun and

In theory you can do the stage of the build on only the files
whose metadata has changed. Do this by including only those files you want
to alter in the import directory and running again. As long as the
files themselves haven't changed they should be given the same OID as
previously and will replace the existing versions of those documents in the
archives directory. You'll still need to run for the whole
collection though as there's no way to change, add, or remove documents in
an existing mg database.

> If I have several collections can I do a cross collection search? For
> example, I have photographs that were taken by a certain photographer in
> several collections and would like to have all those images show in one
> search as opposed to searching each collection individually?

Greenstone has some fairly simple cross-collection searching capabilities.
See the section called "cross-collection searching" in the developer's