Not being able to search documents (Encoding problem I guess)

From Emmanouil Magkos
DateWed, 26 Mar 2003 13:11:38 +0200
Subject Not being able to search documents (Encoding problem I guess)
Hi list, here is my problem..
The library system (Greenstone in a Win2k server with Apache) cannot browse the text of my *Greek-language* documents and give search results, when these are transformed into html format. On the contrary, there is no such problem with English text.. Here follow some changes I have tried to make to the config files (the full text are appended at the end of this mail).
a1) Main.cfg
Encoding shortname=windows-1253 "longname=Greek (Windows-1253)" map=win1253.ump
(Removed #)
Encoding shortname=iso-8859-7 "longname=Greek (ISO-8859-7)" map=8859_7.ump
(Removed #)
a2) At the end of the main.cfg, I added the line
    cgiarg  shortname=gr argdefault=iso-8859-7

HOWEVER, when the collection is being built, I see a message in the log file, saying that BASPlug is not able to find the correct encoding, and DEFAULTING to ENGLISH..
b) I even tried to change things in the collect.cfg file:
plugin         ZIPPlug
plugin         GAPlug
plugin         TEXTPlug
plugin         HTMLPlug -default_encoding -ISO_8859_7
plugin         EMAILPlug
plugin         PDFPlug
plugin         RTFPlug
plugin         WordPlug -default_encoding -ISO_8859_7
plugin         PSPlug
plugin         ArcPlug
plugin         RecPlug
* I tried the same with INPUT_ENCODING, as well as with WINDOWS-1253, but with no Results  :'((
Can you please suggest me what should I do?
Thank you,