From Katherine Don
DateFri, 28 Mar 2003 08:19:51 +1200
Subject Re: WISHLIST
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hi david,

we already have this finctionality - fielded search is available if you
build your collection with MG++ instead of MG (the default). see

for some details.

For these collections you can select form-based search from the
preferences page, which provides fielded searching.


David W J Fourie wrote:

> I also think the wishlist (mentioned some time ago) is a pretty good
> idea. My requirement is a function that could enable Greenstone to
> handle (semi-)structured data much easier, i.e. data in fields such as:
> author, title, classification, location, descriptors, abstract, etc.
> The fields or combinations of fields should be searchable as well as a
> global search.
> David Fourie