Unsolved problem with running the Greenstone software in IIS, Win2k server !!!

From Emmanouil Magkos
DateWed, 12 Mar 2003 13:24:26 +0200
Subject Unsolved problem with running the Greenstone software in IIS, Win2k server !!!
Hi list,  I kindly ask for your advice on this !!!

I am trying to set up Greenstone running on my IIS 5.0 web server. I installed Greenstone in D:programsgsdl. I have created a virtual directory for gdsl, within the default web site, set the appropriate permissions for virtual folders (read-none for gdsl, nore - script/executables for the cgi-bin folder), and for users (full-control for Everyone, read and read-execute for IUSR and IWAM, write for etc subdir) according to the manual. However, when I am browsing library.exe in the cgi-bin directory (http://localhost/gdsl/cgi-bin/library.exe , it says:
"Oooops. The gsdlsite.cfg configuration file does not contain a valid gsdlhome entry".

Here is the default configuration in the cfg file:
gsdlhome  "D:programsgdsl"
httpprefix  /gdsl
httpimg  /gdsl/images
# gwcgi   /cgi-bin/library
# maxrequests 10000
I tried to change config according to some tips I found on the Internet, with no result. I even commented out the whole thing and it still shows the same message !!! Note that when I run library exe from command line, it reads the cfg file well !!
I have a feeling that there 's something wrong with file permissions,
or other security limitations that were implicitly set in the W2k server
machine. Can this be the case? But then, from the above error message it seems, that it can read things, but finds these things aint correct :(

Can anyone please help me on that issue ??? It is kind of an urgent.. Do not hesitate to e-mail on this issue..

P.S. the web server is setup and running.. OS: Win2k Server, SP2, with all
security patches up to date.