mgpp collection in v2.39

From Roman Chyla
DateWed, 26 Mar 2003 11:27:42 +0100 (CET)
Subject mgpp collection in v2.39
Dear list,
I have big troubles building mgpp collection under Windows 98.
Please, could you read & help? Below you will find some
description - but the most critical question for me is is this:
Does anyone have a valid MGPP collection, with non-ascii text in
it, with proximity searching and form searching (both simple and
advanced); and *what platform* does he/she use to build this

here is a list of some troubles (be sure that I followed "sing
MGPP" manual to set collect.cfg )

-setup.bat made computer jump out of memory (128MB) - it was
repaired (maybe wrong, first part for Win95 - something with goto
command) - I can not use levels Paragraph (if I switch this off
then the collection is built) -text searching/simple is Okay -
even for very national characters such as ????????? -but from
this mode I can not use operator NEAR - I tried advanced mode too
(near not supported yet?) -form searching/simple - only searching
with short wovels is possible - I may search '?ena' but not
'?ensk?' --> it results as '0 counts for word ?ensk' -form
searching/advanced - this is not responding at all
-output from PDFPlug mangled - but if I do it manualy then text
is extracted right(-enc utf8) - are you sure that output from
pdftohtml is read using utf8? - I was succesfull only when
collect.cfg contained plugin HTMLPlug -input_encoding utf8
(with -input_encoding windows_1250 long wovels are missed)

Thank you for getting here. I have installation disks of Mandrake
or I may use Windows XP; will this help me to create
full-mgpp-searchable and windows-exportable collection quickly?


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