Create a new plugin

From Shyh-Hao Kuo
DateFri, 07 Mar 2003 14:49:00 +1300
Subject Create a new plugin

I an sure someone would have asked a similar question but I can not find one that
solves my problem from browsing the history of this list. So, please excuse me if
this is an old question.

I would like to create a new plugin that will handle any document type by simply
create an empty content. I can add searchable data in the metadata.xml at a later
stage. The aim is to be able to create a collection even if there are some bad word
documents which the word plugin can not handle.

Has anyone done something similar, or can point me to some instructions on how to
create this empty plugin?

Thank you for any help.

Shyh-hao Kuo

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