any Mac OS X users out there?

From John R. McPherson
DateFri, 14 Mar 2003 15:39:01 +1300
Subject any Mac OS X users out there?
Hi everyone,
in anticipation of the upcoming Greenstone Digital Library
version 2.39 release (Real Soon Now[tm]), I've made a binary
package for Mac users. I don't know that much about packaging
applications for Mac, so it's just a .ZIP file, although it
seems to be ok on the machine I tested on.

I'd appreciate it if people tried and tested it, and let me
know if there are any problems I don't know about - for example
I compiled on OS X version 10.1.4, and I don't know if that means
it works on earlier and later versions of OS X.

The .zip file also includes some notes on how to set greenstone up
with apache, and if the notes are wrong/could be included we'd
appreciate additions to that too.

Anyone still reading this far can download the binary package
from the usual download area, which is:
It comes with the demo collection, unbuilt.

John McPherson