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From Nguyen Thanh Quy
DateTue, 3 May 2005 21:27:41 +0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] RE: greenstone-devel Digest, Vol 25, Issue 17
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I added '}' to thesis.dm and magazine.dm, but it was also not all right.
I added the file "mystyle.dm" to override package Style(change hyperlink
colors) as you say, but it didn't function.
I send you my macro files. It's important for me. Can you help me?
Thanh Quy

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Today's Topics:

1. Some questions about customizing Greenstoneinterface
(Nguyen Thanh Quy)
2. Re: Some questions about customizing Greenstoneinterface
(Michael Dewsnip)


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Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 01:42:18 +0700
From: "Nguyen Thanh Quy" <ngthquy@gmail.com>
Subject: [greenstone-devel] Some questions about customizing
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From: Michael Dewsnip <mdewsnip@cs.waikato.ac.nz>
Subject: Re: [greenstone-devel] Some questions about customizing
To: Nguyen Thanh Quy <ngthquy@gmail.com>
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You need to check your macrofiles again. Neither thesis.dm nor
magazine.dm have their content macros closed off (missing '}') -- this
will be causing most of your problems.

Yes, the order the macrofiles are specified in the main.cfg file
matters. The macrofiles are loaded in the order they are specified. If
you want one macrofile to override another, you need to put it afterwards.



Nguyen Thanh Quy wrote:

> Hi all,
> 1>In my thesis page, I set GSDL Error{"Thesis page"}, but when I go
> to my thesis page from my home page(my home page has a link to thesis
> page), the page title is web address string in the address bar. I
> don't know why? Can you help me?
> 2>Do macro file names in the content of file main.cfg have a certain
> order? My macro file name is "my.dm".So my macro file can't override
> package Style(I want to change hyperlink colors). When I name it
> "zzz.dm",it's OK.Do they have a certain order in file main.cfg?
> 3>I followed the guide "Add new page to Greenstone" and added a new
> page successfully. But when I added another page to Greenstone,
> something happened.
> I have 4 pages: myhome,thesis,book,magazine. My home page has 3 link
> to thesis page, book page, magazine page. But in my home page,when I
> click on the thesis page or magazine page hyperlink ,it redirects to
> book page!I view my generated home page source, I see that all the
> links are correct. I don't know why? I think 4 macro files( myhome.dm,
> thesis.dm, book.dm, magazine.dm) are correct. I also added 4 macro
> file names to file main.cfg. Maybe there is a bug in your source code C++.
> When my home page has only one link to thesis page, everything is all
> right. I give you my macro files and the file main.cfg(attached files
> with this email), can you help me?
> Best regards,
> Th`nh Quy
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