[greenstone-devel] FW: Urgent Help : GreenStone Library Interface

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Mar 15 15:49:13 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] FW: Urgent Help : GreenStone Library Interface
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Hi Samveg,

Have you already been through the instructions at:

If not, and you've installed Greenstone 2.83 from binary on a Windows
machine (hopefully XP or Vista since I've not tested any of this on
Windows 7):
I'll present just the steps you need to follow here, it should be less
convoluted than the wiki page above (since that has to take older
versions of Greenstone and special cases into account).

And I'd like you to write back to tell me AT WHICH STEPS things fail for

1. If the path to your Greenstone installation contains any spaces (i.e.
if any of the containing folders wherein your Greenstone is ultimately
located contain spaces in their names), please open cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg
in a plain text editor and make sure that thevalue for GSDLHOME line
contains quotes around it. E.g.

gsdlhome "C:Program FilesGreenstone2"

Save any changes.

2. Rename server.exe in your Greenstone installation folder to something
else, say _server.exe

This is because you will need to use the included Apache web server for
the remote Greenstone. By renaming the default library server in
Greenstone 2, Greenstone will next look for the apache web server.

3. Now run the Apache web server included with your Greenstone, by
opening a DOS prompt and typing the path to your Greenstone 2
installation and then running the gs2-server script:

- cd C:Program FilesGreenstone2
- gs2-server.bat

Alternatively, you could use Windows Explorer to locate the
gs2-server.bat file in your Greenstone2 installation folder and double
click that file.

4. A dialog (the Greenstone Server Interface) will display. Press its
central Enter Library button.

It will open a browser and take you to a page like:

(OR: http://<YOUR-MACHINE-NAME:YOURPORT>/greenstone/cgi-bin/library.cgi
where if port were the default 80 it won't be displayed, e.g.

5. Replace the "library.cgi" part of the URL in the browser to

At the end of the browser page, it is imperative that it says something
"Installation OK!"

6. Once again, open a DOS prompt. Type the following, but make sure to
type the path to *your* Greenstone2 installation (the example below uses
C:Program FilesGreenstone2collect):

cacls "C:Program FilesGreenstone2collect" /P Everyone:F

7. Use the browser to go to your Greenstone home web page again.

- Now click on the Administration Page link and add a new user:
- Click the Add a New User link to the left
- You'll be requested for the admin username (type "admin") and password

8. Enter the username and password for the new user.
In the Groups field, type "personal-collections-editor".
Press the Submit button.

9. Open a new DOS prompt. Either in this or another machine (assuming
you want the Greenstone server on one machine and the client on
another), g to the gli folder of your Greenstone 2 installation, and run

- cd C:Program FilesGreenstone2gli
- client-gli.bat

10. A dialog will eventually appear asking you for the URL of the Remote
Greenstone server's gliserver.pl file.

If your client-gli is running from a different machine to where your
Greenstone server is running, you need to specify the name of that
remote machine hosting the Greenstone server:

If the client-gli is running on the same machine, you can generally type

11. It will next ask you for a username and password. Type the values
you entered for the new user you creatred in step 8.

12. The client-GLI dialog should finally open and look the same as the
usual (local) GLI.

Please write back at which step above, if any, things cease to work for


Samveg Joshi wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I tried running client-gli.bat through the command prompt but was not
> able to open the Remote Client Interface.
> Please see the error message which I am getting,
> Please help me with this as I have been trying to sort it out from the
> past 3 days,
> Thanks
> Samveg
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