Re: my 8 questions about GreenStone system

From Stefan Boddie
DateThu, 3 Oct 2002 15:49:19 +1200
Subject Re: my 8 questions about GreenStone system
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Ian just reminded me of one more source of help on using Greenstone. That's
the FAQ at It's a bit of a work
in progress but will grow over time and hopefully become a more useful


> On Oct 2 Stephen DeGabrielle wrote:
> > I have found the greenstone support form very helpful and
> > quick way of getting answers to my questions.
> >
> >
> >
> > I suggest it is the best bet but I think I can answer one or
> > two questions.
> I'm glad you think I'm helpful :-) -- The truth is I'd much prefer people
> to post their questions to the list rather than using the support form
> though. Doing so allows everyone to benefit from the answers and also
> others in our small development group to share the load (the support form
> currently only comes to me).
> The support form is intended more as a first point of contact for new
> Greenstone users. Normally I'll ask people to use the list instead of the
> form (and instead of emailing me directly) if they have follow up
> So, for any Greenstone related questions your best options are:
> 1. Download and take a look at the manuals.
> 2. Take a look at
> This is the archive of previous posts to the Greenstone mailing list.
> 3. Email the Greenstone mailing list.
> cheers,
> Stefan.