Re: my 8 questions about GreenStone system

DateWed, 2 Oct 2002 11:54:54 +0930
Subject Re: my 8 questions about GreenStone system

I'm new to greenstone myself and am still assessing it in comparison to
other full text library systems.

I have found the greenstone support form very helpful and quick way of
getting answers to my questions.

I suggest it is the best bet but I think I can answer one or two questions.

>1.About searching methods.
>Does GreenStone version 2.38 support ranked searching ? If yes, how could
I do
>to switch between ranked searching and boolean searching ?
YES is supports ranked
choose 'preferences' to use boolean

>2.About remote handling.
>Is it possible to add new documents to the collection remotely?. Once, I
>to specify the input file from collector wizard via "file:/" option at a
>remote computer (let say computer B), but it always looks for the files
>the computer that installed collection server (let say computer A)! Can I

>handle collection, specify the input files located in the remote computer

>(different from A). Or I have to create a ftp server ? Is it necessary ?

Don't know. I am using the Win 2.38 as well.
I'd like to know. I was looking at the source and thinking about adding a
'browse' button to aid file selection and upload.

>4 About metadata.
>In the GreenStone Developer Guide document page 19-20,?it is said that
>Dublin Core metadata was used for defining metadata types and the meta
>was store with document. But I can't see any other metadata fields accept
>Title one. How should I modify my config file to get the full metadata
>information. Right now,I declare my plugins without any arguments.

I think you better use the support form I mentioned above, but here are
some ways
1. I believe this can be done by using the htmlplug metadata options.
2. The Organizer (available for download at the )
3. editing files by hand
4. I saw a demo of the setup that GLSN have created. They have easy to use

>6. About the splitting?documents into sections?and?searching on those
>I have some MSWord documents. As we know that we can?use wvWare to
>them into HTML format and then HTMLPlug will convert the output to be GML

>format. How can I split each document into sections base on a common
>hierarchical structure for all the documents. Because I want to browse
>documents in hierarchical style like some demo collections.
>Let suppose that the source documents are edited base on a given MS
>it means that we can mark the content of the document, is it right ? and
>out put of wvWare will be some thing like
>..<p> <div name="MSWordTemplateNameComeoutHere" .....><p> Marked text by
>applied MSWord template tag<p></p></div>..
>So I think , we should modify the HTMLPlug or write another one to split
>output into the wished hierarchical structure,?is my thoughts possible ?
>yes what should I start form ? Do you have any better solution ?

See 'tagging document files' (p36 dev guide)
I haven't tried it yet but hope to soon.

>5. About assigning the value for metadata.
>You can see that the Dublin Core information for each document?in MSWord
>format?is available inside the properties information of themselves
>supports that) so how can we reuse that information. I looked at wvWare
>file. Only Title field is available. So what can be the solution

I think WordPlug(using wvWare) gets Author and Title (p29 dev guide).
Probably have to look at both.

>7. About Date format.
>I major about the Date information, and want to classify document on
Date. How
>can I add DateClassifier into my collection. Can you show me step by step
>do it. I'm sure that it will be useful for other people. I tried to add
>string to the collection config but the Date tag doesn't appear in the
>navigation bar.

Um. the support form. (p37 dev guide - but once again I haven't tried it)

>8. About import directories
>Is import directory is a temporary directory ? After building the
>is it deleted ? The reason I ask so because I couldn't see the import
>directory in my collection. But the system store my input file in the
>tmp build* directory ! So if I remove the tbuild* in the tmp
>the system work properly ? Some time when I build the collection again,
>document content disappears. Is is the result of remove files in tmp

I hope this helps a little.