Re: No docs visible, only XML docs created

From Marcus
DateMon, 13 May 2002 17:57:42 +0200
Subject Re: No docs visible, only XML docs created
John McPherson wrote:
>could you provide a bit more information please? Where do the
>XML files come into it - do you mean the greenstone xml files in
>the collection's archive directory?

Yes, the files which greenstone creates.

>Are you using the latest
version of greenstone? (2.37).

Yes, I downloaded it a few days ago.

>Does your collect.cfg file have
>"GMLPlug" (the old archive format) instead of "GAPlug"
(the new archive format)?

It states GAPlug.

Yesterday I sent the entire output of the command line build process
via the feedback form on the greenstone site. It seems to be failing
during the build.

Should I post it here also?