Re: Collection failed

From John R. McPherson
DateFri, 17 May 2002 10:33:46 +1200
Subject Re: Collection failed
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Bhakti P Beke wrote:

> I got the following message:

> build: Failed to install collection to C:Program
> Filesgsdlcollectigsop
> Collection will remain at C:Program
> Filesgsdl mp build37igsop

for some reason, the temporary directory could not be moved
into the collection directory.
I don't know much about the windows filesystems work, so I
don't really know why this error might occur, but here are
a few possibilities...
1) The disk is full. (Although in this case the collection
would have failed to build? And you probably would have
noticed if this was the case...)

2) There is already a directory in the collect directory
with the same name, so the newly created one cannot be
renamed to the same name. As the message says, the built
collection is still in the temporary directory so if you
manually move it into the gsdlcollect directory it
should work.

John McPherson