[greenstone-users] translation of Document

From Julian Fox
DateFri Jan 30 01:04:13 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] translation of Document
Hi list,
I notice what I think is an oddity - or at least I can't explain it!
I have got any number of translations running, and have adjusted various
bits and pieces in both macros files and in the Translation pane to
manage these, but I note (let's take Italian as one example, but it
applies generally) that I cannot succeed in getting the terms 'Document'
and 'Section' into Italian or other languages, so the 'Search for text
of________ at___________ level....' etc comes up always as
'Document/Section' rather than its Italian equivalent. In the case of
Italian, for example, it reads 'Cerca il testo di ________ al livello
*Document*' instead of '....Documento'. I guess it's just an 'o' of
difference in Italian but when we go to Japanese.....!!

Now, I've checked in the italian.dm file and sure enough I've got
'Document' and 'Sezione' there, so that's not the problem. When I go
tot he translation pane, I can translate just about everything else, but
I don't see reference to level:Document or level:Section int here. How
do I get it to show up so I can translate it? Is it something I'm not
doing earlier on?
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