[greenstone-devel] Output pagination produced by AZList classify

From Diego Spano
DateFri Feb 26 03:04:15 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] Output pagination produced by AZList classify
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Marco, there is no way to control the "paging size" for an AZList classifier. You can try "List" classifier because it has a lot of features, so you can have the A-Z horizontal list and alos options to paginate the group.

Hope this helps.

Diego Spano

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Asunto: [greenstone-devel] Output pagination produced by AZList classify

Hello everyone,
in my collection of photographs I have defined the following directive in the collect.cfg file: "classify AZList -metadata Title".
It works fine, but sometimes, it extracts up to more than 400 items on a single page with obvious display scrolling problems.
It is possible to limit to 50 items checked out per page and activate the buttons for paging forward and back?

Thanks in advance, Marco