[greenstone-users] RE: greenstone-users Digest, Vol 82, Issue 3

From Katherine Don
DateMon Feb 8 14:40:04 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: greenstone-users Digest, Vol 82, Issue 3
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We have some old scripts to 'unbuild' Greenstone collections - what they
try to do is to regenerate the archive files from the database and
stored text. They have not been updated for a while and I am not sure
that they worked properly in the first place.
But you can try them.
They live in bin/script of your greenstone installation.
unbuildv1.pl and unbuildv2.pl. Run with -h to see the options.
Try both, as I think they work on different versions of collections.

I have always wanted to get these workign again, but it has been very
low priority as always so much to do.
If there is a real demand for this, I may be able to take a look at them.
But in the meantime, someone could give them a go and see what happens.


John Rose wrote:
> Dear Rajan,
> These libraries can be copied like any Greenstone collection, just
> copy the cdl folder from the gsdlcollect folder on the CD-ROM into
> the collect folder in your desktop Greenstone installation.
> The problem concerns the version of Greenstone that you are using. It
> would certainly work copying into an old enough version, but when I
> copied into version 2.82, effectively neither the classifiers nor the
> search function works. I tried copying the collect.cfg from the demo
> collection which is in principle in the same format, into a
> collectetc file in the desktop installation (changing the collection
> name inside the file from demo to cld) but still the collection does
> not work. Not possible either to rebuild since the CD-ROM is missing
> the import directory with the original documents.
> If the users do not come up with a solution, asking Waikato colleagues
> to guide us when back from holidays next week. It would certainly be
> nice to have a function to update these very useful older collections.
> Best regards, John Rose of Greenstone Team
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>> Subject: [greenstone-users] RE: greenstone-users Digest, Vol 82, Issue 3
>> Dear All,
>> I have a good collection of cd-rom libraries such as Community
>> Development library 2001, created by Human Info NGO, with me.
>> Can any one suggest me the easiest way to import or copy those
>> greenstone collections in the form of cd-rom libraries to the
>> greenstone installation in my desktop computer.
>> Regards,
>> K Rajasekharan
>> Krala Institute of Local Admnistration