[greenstone-users] CD/DVD creation of Greenstone collection

From Renate Morgenstern
DateSat Feb 13 19:08:56 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] CD/DVD creation of Greenstone collection
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Hi Greenstone users,
I wanted to create a CD-ROm from my one of my Greenstone Collections.
I used the option in GS 2.83 and it worked fine for the output to the
tmp folder. I then used Nero to create a data CD. When I wanted to
install I used the option that it should run from the CD, and it copied
certain files to c:gsdl. When I wanted to run it, it was complaining
that the macros were missing. I then copied the macros folder into the
c:gsdl directory, and the GS server came up, which then opened the web
page, but no collection was displayed, only Home and Preferences
buttons. I then copied the complete CD to the hard disk and then it was
working. What did I do wrong. I did not use the bootable CD option when
I wrote the data to the CD with Nero? Could this be a reason?
Thanks for any help.

Renate Morgenstern
P O Box 30664, WIndhoek, Namibia
Tel/Fax: 242124
Email: rmorgenstern@iway.na