[greenstone-devel] Problem with Client GLI

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Feb 19 15:37:44 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] Problem with Client GLI
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Hi Wendy,

How are you?

What version of Greenstone are you using? And was client GLI working
until recently (as you mention "existing username and password") or did
it not allow you to enter the client GLI account's password the first
time you tried it?

I do not know if the following is relevant to your problem, but it's
something you could try:

If your Greenstone server is running, can you go to the Greenstone Admin
page off the main Greenstone 2 page. (If you hadn't enabled the
Admistration page, open your Greenstone 2's etc/main.cfg and set the
"status" property to enabled.)
Click the Administration link off the GS2 main page and login as
administrator (username: admin, and whichever password you had chosen
for this so that you could thereafter create your first client GLI
username account).

Then see if your username and password are recognised. There is a
"Change Password" option, perhaps that will help you to reset the
password for your client GLI account.

Did the above help? Take care Wendy,

Osborn, Wendy wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm having a problem with the Client GLI. I am unable to log in using an
> existing username and password. The password dialog will take a
> username, but does not appear to allow a password to be entered (i.e.
> the password field is not displaying anything - a password, asterisks,
> etc..). Then the "incorrect password" box appears.
> I am using a linux system (redhat), and java 1.6.0_13 (if I really
> should have an older version of Java installed let me know.)
> Thanks,
> W.
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