[greenstone-users] Re: CD/DVD creation

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateThu Feb 25 12:54:41 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: CD/DVD creation
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After using GLI to create the contents to be exported to CD-ROM -- which
get placed in Greenstone's tmp folder -- if one were to go into there
and run the server.exe, doing so would generate the llssite.cfg config
file. This file will contain server startup information (like port, host
name and Greenstone installation location), which would generally be
accurate and modifiable, except that when one writes the llssite.cfg
file thus generated along with the rest of the exported contents to CD,
running the server.exe off the CD will use the fixed llssite.cfg which
contains the wrong paths. This will prevent you from being able to
successfully run server.exe off a CD.

The solution seems to be to export to CD, optionally test the server.exe
in the exported folder but then one needs to remember to remove the
llssite.cfg file, and finally write the contents (minus any llssite.cfg)
to CD. This last works for me. Therefore if you still have any problems
of this sort, an important thing to remember is to ensure that any
llssite.cfg is not written out to the CD.