[greenstone-users] great - database is up. now-> dSpace+joomla

From Anson Parker
DateWed Feb 17 15:18:11 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] great - database is up. now-> dSpace+joomla
hey ya'll and thank you - here's the url if anyone wants to check it

what's cool about this project is that it went from pdf files -> collection using the amazon turk group to build the metadata... while the product is far from perfect it's remarkable considering that complete strangers did 100% of the metadata entry.?

Also the information itself is fairly interesting (i think) it's the notes passed between the US congress and international scientists during the manhattan project.

now i'm working to migrate the system to a dspace repository so that it'll work with joomla

if anyone has done this recently and knows what's up let me know - I'm working from this document here

I'm going to need to migrate all the data in to dublin core i know because it's all in exploded exp.data type format now...

any other pointers greatly appreciated and thank you all again for your help

Aloha ya'll

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