[greenstone-users] manhattan project database up :)

From Anson Parker
DateThu Feb 25 17:04:54 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] manhattan project database up :)
Hi all - and special thanks to Mrs. Greenstone aka Katherine Don - I really appreciate your help here as always an amazing human resource

now i'm going to start working on the dspace migration... if anyone has any tips let me know... i'm guessing for starters i need to move the exp. metadata in to dublin core??

other issues i would like to resolve, although not high on the punch list yet - i've got a field with dates.... not all the dates are in the same format, and worse there are often many dates in a single field.... does anyone have any suggestions for this?

any other suggestions on the site are very welcome... and thanks again everyone :)

Aloha ya'll

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