[greenstone-users] testing in gs 2.8x now

From Anson Parker
DateMon Feb 15 10:17:40 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] testing in gs 2.8x now
working in 2.81 now - going back through the old mailing lists (where i was doing almost exactly the same thing a few years ago... arghh)

edited the file now called 000att.csv and the tab separators are gone, and the first item in quotes says "Filename" http://greenstonepatent.com/000att.csv

so the metadatacsvplugin isn't doing much

import.pl> MetadataCSVPlugin: processing 000att.csv
import.pl> MetadataCSVPlugin Error: No Filename field in CSV file: C:Greenstone2collectmanhattaimport000att.csv
import.pl> SplitTextFile found 1190 documents in C:Greenstone2collectmanhattaimport000att.csv

but then there's no associated metadata or i'm not assigning it correctly in the format area....
not certain at all...

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