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From Cao MInh Kiem
DateTue Sep 28 15:16:10 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Ask for help in creating image collection
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Thank you for help,
This works well when you use the browse by titles.
But I have other problem. If I use Hierachy classifiers for browing (for examle with dc.Creator of dc.Subject), the links of the Creator name or Subject are gone?. And because of this we can not go further.
How could we solve this issue?
Thank you.

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In a VList format statement (searchvlist, cl1vlist etc), [link][icon][/link] links to the greenstone version of the document.
You can remove this link by removing that bit from the format statement.

What [link] links to, the greenstone version, is defined by the DocumentText format statement. This defaults to [Text] I think.
You can change what is displayed on this page by changing the format statement. For images, obviously Text is not useful.
You can choose to display metadata, eg [Title], or the original image [srcicon], or thumbnail, screen view sized version if those have been generated [thumbicon] or [screenicon]. Or any combination of these images and /or metadata.

You modify the format statements in GLI in Format->Format Features.


Cao Minh Kiem wrote:
Dear Greenstone users,
I use GSDL software to create an imange collection. I could add metadata to each image by using GLI. Every thing seems OK. But when viewing the collection, I saw a document icon next to image thumbnail. When clicking on the document icon, we received message: This document has no text. I have two question:
1. How could we add text to this document if we want to?
2. If we could not add text to this document, how could we hide this document icon (because the users may want to look at them, and if they are empty, ...)?
Thank you for you help.

Cao Minh Kiem
National Agency for S&T Information

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