[greenstone-users] Cron lock file problem

From Renate
DateWed Sep 29 21:17:50 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Cron lock file problem

A newspaper collection was built automatically at night around 2:00. But
now suddenly this message was sent to the administrator of the
Collection. We searched the system, but can't find the cron.lck file to
delete it. We disabled scheduling, and rebuilt the collection without
it, but the message still is sent to the administrator.
Any suggestion to get the automatic build working again.
Thanks very much,

Begin forwarded message:
*From: *admin@

*Date: *September 29, 2010 12:00:00 AM GMT+02:00
*To: *sally@namibian.com.na <ailto:sally@namibian.com.na%22>
*Subject: **Results of build for collection thenamib*

If you are receiving this message, it is because cron.pl
<ttp://cron.pl%22> has detected a cron.lck file. This may be because
cron.pl <ttp://cron.pl%22> is still executing. However, it may not
be. If cron.lck is in error, please delete it.

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