[greenstone-users] RE: greenstone-users Digest, Vol 82, Issue 3

From John Rose
DateThu Jan 14 04:13:19 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: greenstone-users Digest, Vol 82, Issue 3
Dear Rajan,

These libraries can be copied like any Greenstone collection, just copy
the cdl folder from the gsdlcollect folder on the CD-ROM into the
collect folder in your desktop Greenstone installation.

The problem concerns the version of Greenstone that you are using. It
would certainly work copying into an old enough version, but when I
copied into version 2.82, effectively neither the classifiers nor the
search function works. I tried copying the collect.cfg from the demo
collection which is in principle in the same format, into a collectetc
file in the desktop installation (changing the collection name inside
the file from demo to cld) but still the collection does not work. Not
possible either to rebuild since the CD-ROM is missing the import
directory with the original documents.

If the users do not come up with a solution, asking Waikato colleagues
to guide us when back from holidays next week. It would certainly be
nice to have a function to update these very useful older collections.

Best regards, John Rose of Greenstone Team

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> Subject: [greenstone-users] RE: greenstone-users Digest, Vol 82, Issue 3
> Dear All,
> I have a good collection of cd-rom libraries such as Community Development library 2001, created by Human Info NGO, with me.
> Can any one suggest me the easiest way to import or copy those greenstone collections in the form of cd-rom libraries to the greenstone installation in my desktop computer.
> Regards,
> K Rajasekharan
> Krala Institute of Local Admnistration


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