[greenstone-users] A realistic book- Flip page on top or bottom edge

From Biligsaikhan B.
DateThu Feb 18 04:58:58 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] A realistic book- Flip page on top or bottom edge
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Thank you,

Please forward to Veronica.

Could you give more specific instruction?
How do I specify _root.stage.angle to 90?

I m newbie to ActionScript and flash.

Once I have tried as:

var page_num;//the page number
var styles:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
function setStyleFile(cssFile) {
if (_root.strIsEmpty(cssFile) == true) {
styles.onLoad = function(success) {

But no success.

Thank you.

On 2/17/2010 6:10 AM, Katherine of Greenstone Team wrote:
> >From Veronica:
> Hi Biligsaikhan,
> You would need to change the Flash source file to change the
> bookbinding to the top edge not on the left side. You would need to
> specify _root.stage.angle to 90 and it will rotate the book 90 degrees.
> Cheers,
> --Veronica
> Biligsaikhan B. wrote:
>> Thank you,
>> What I meant here in "Turning the pages of that book is on top or
>> bottom edge." is that the bookbinding is on the top edge not on the
>> left side. So flipping page will be horizontally.
>> Cheers,
>> On 2/15/2010 11:40 AM, Katherine Don wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Here is Veronica's answer.
>>> Regards,
>>> Katherine
>>> Hi Biligsaikhan,
>>> Thank you for using Realistic Book :)
>>> Realistic Book can work with landscape books. You need to specify
>>> the page size in the book's XHTML file. For example, if the page
>>> width is 600 pixels and the page height is 450 pixels, they need to
>>> insert the metadata tag for the page size as follows:
>>> <Description>
>>> <Metadata name="pagesize">600x450</Metadata>
>>> </Description>
>>> I am not sure if I understand your second question. In the current
>>> version, users can already turn a page from left to right, or right
>>> to left, by pressing the mouse button at a corner or anywhere along
>>> the top, right, left or bottom edge, and the page will follow the
>>> movement of the mouse until the mouse button is released. When the
>>> mouse button is released, the page either falls back to its original
>>> position or continues to turn until it lies at rest in the turned
>>> position. You don't need to change the flipping function. You would
>>> only need to change the flipping function in the Flash source file
>>> if you want the page to turn from bottom to top, instead of from
>>> right to left.
>>> Cheers,
>>> --Veronica
>>> Biligsaikhan B. wrote:
>>>> Dear Veronica Liesaputra and list,
>>>> A realistic book features in GSDL is awesome.
>>>> I`m wondering whether I able to configure a realistic book to work
>>>> with landscape books that have wide and rectangular pages. Turning
>>>> the pages of that book is on top or bottom edge.
>>>> Should I modify the function of flipping pages on right or left
>>>> edge to on top or bottom edge in the Adobe flash source file? If
>>>> so, how? Are there any simple way?
>>>> Any advices and tricks are valuable.
>>>> Thank you,
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