[greenstone-users] CD/DVD creation

From Renate Morgenstern
DateWed Feb 24 06:42:21 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] CD/DVD creation
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I wanted to create a CD/DVD from a Greenstone collection and used the
option that it should run completely from the CD. I did the 'export'
from the Librarian's interface, and then wrote the files to a CD with
Roxio and also Nero, which on my PC is the D drive.
However, when I want to run it from a computer where the CD/DVD drive is
E, or F, it will not work, because it points to D.

With GS 2.83 there is a problem with the server.exe. When I want to
browse a classifier generated from a date list, it gives an error
report, and then just aborts. I had the same problem with the
library.cgi, but then Katherine uploaded a new one which was compiled on
Windows XP, and the problem was solved. Could the server.exe have the
same problem?
Thanks for any help.

Renate Morgenstern
P O Box 30664, WIndhoek, Namibia
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