[greenstone-users] reguest

From akbar majidi
DateWed Feb 3 00:15:25 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] reguest
Dear Sirs,

I would appreciate if you guide me with these problem: I have 1000 document
that I want to enter and creat in greenstone. firstly, I aboute 100 document
have create in greenstone. in continue of creating of anothers document ,
Does Greenstone have been created previouse collection again along with new
documents ? in other words , dose greenstone repeatly have created
previously documents?

Another question: when " text" add to " search index" , Dose in greenstone
time of creating of document will be increasing ? in general, Dose you
suggest that "text metadat" add to " search index" ? and , in this
situation , what affect in metadata ?

Thanks in advnce for your kind cooperatin in helping me with these
Best Regards
Akbar majidi

akbar majidi
Post-Graduate student,
Department of library and information science
Tarbiat Modares University,Iran
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